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Hey there! I’m Alan Harari.


I was born and raised in Mexico City, born to a Jewish family that escaped from Aleppo, Syria when Israel was founded and settled in Mexico. I moved to Israel in June 2010, and although my background through most of my adult life was in the construction business, I always had a soft spot for Israel in my heart. When my firstborn son reached the age of thirteen we took him to a trip to the holyland so he could become a man in the land of God, and the second our plane landed I decided that this was my home and that it was just a matter of time before I moved to this blessed country. It took me five years, but in 2010 me and my family decided to leave everything behind in order to move to Israel.


When I made “Aliyah” (the Hebrew term for when Jews immigrate to Israel) I largely left the construction side of my life behind and soon began focusing on developing my career as a licensed Israeli tour guide. Still, I like to bring elements of my past to my work as a tour guide; as everyone knows, the most important part of any project is in its planning and I personally believe that the best things in life come for those who plan beforehand and don't go in just making things as they go. That's why I spend so much time and effort in the planning on everything I do, whether that is in the construction of a summer home or in the itinerary of a family dying to see what Israel has to offer.


One of the things I love about being a licensed tour guide here in Israel is that this country has so much packed in to such a small space. We are about the size of New Jersey, or South Africa’s Kruger National Park, and yet we have something for almost any interest. History, religion, archaeology, agriculture, nature, geology, birdwatching, food and drink, industry, sports, environmentalism – you name it, there is something in this country to see that relates. And as someone with truly diverse interests who loves to learn almost anything new, this job is a perfect fit for me. Thus, I hope you’ll give me the honor of sharing those diverse passions with you.


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