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Haifa is the third largest city in Israel, beautifully situated on the slopes of Mount Carmel with a coast in the Mediterranean Sea, and has been defined by some as the "Israeli San Francisco". Although traditionally Haifa is an industrial town, there are many things to see and do in the city, such as visiting the famous Bahai Gardens, the German Colony, and a good number of the best museums in the country. The city is also known throughout Israel for its mixed population of Jews and Arabs who coexist peacefully and have a surprising cultural result with a fusion of both Arabic and Jewish culture, creating something extraordinary.


Located atop Mount Carmel, Haifa is an unusual city to navigate in, the advantage is, however, that its scenery and terrain is impressive. From the top of Mount Carmel, one can enjoy the view from the Louis Promenade through the port of Haifa northward through the western Galilee. Hop on the Carmelit, the only metro system of Israel that moves up and down the mountain, and when you reach the bottom check out Hof Hacarmel, the beautiful beaches of Haifa.


But undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of Haifa when it comes to tourism are the famous Bahai Gardens, part of the World Heritage of UNESCO. These gardens are a place of pilgrimage for members of the Bahai faith and are established by terraces that descend from Mount Carmel directly into the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. At the bottom of the gardens you can find the German colony, with its beautiful streets and restored buildings of the Templar era. The main street of the German colony passes directly from the bottom of the gardens to the coast and is full of restaurants and quaint cafes.

Also Haifa has a lot of Biblical sites, one of them is the Elijah Cave, place where the prophet hide for some time of the false prophets of the Baal, this place is saint for Jews, Christians and Muslims, also you can visit the Carmelite Monastery with his impressive Church at the top of the mountain, also Haifa has a Muslim sect called the Ahmadis and they have a colony called Kababir with a beutiful Mosque, a must see.


There is a large selection of museums in Haifa. The most notable is the Museum of Science and Technology MadaTech, which is the National Museum of Science in Israel. Great for kids, this museum is full of fascinating interactive displays, mostly translated into English, covering a lot of great interesting topics.


The zoo of the city, conveniently located atop Mount Carmel, has more than 100 species of wildlife, while the Museum of Clandestine Immigration and the Navy tells the story of the Navy of the IDF and some of his greatest achievements. The Museum of the city of Haifa has a varied program of exhibitions, from cinema to art. Just south of Haifa you can find the Atlit detention camp, a museum about illegal immigration in Israel.


The culture in Haifa in, generally speaking of course, less known than that of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, although it is still quite unique as the city boasts a mix of Arab and Israeli culture. The Haifa Municipal Theater, with absolutely beautiful and modern headquarters, has excellent productions each year, the vast majority with English translation. Haifa is one of the three host cities of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and it has concerts every month.


The biggest cultural event in Haifa is without a doubt the International Film Festival, which runs for a full week each year in late September and transforms the entire city into a party town with more than a hundred films from all genres on display. The city also hosts an annual festival called the Festival of Festivals, celebrating Christian holidays, Jewish and Muslim falling in December. In short, there is always something interesting going on in Haifa for every taste, age and background.

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