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Caesarea is a fascinating crossroads between the past and the future, where the new city is dressed up with magnificent houses dating back to Roman times, while the ancient city displays the ruins of unique constructions, thus offering a delight for lovers of Roman history.

This city stands as a living testimony to the coexistence between the ancient and the modern. While golf enthusiasts enjoy golf courses in serene settings, visitors can relive horse racing at the National Park's grand racecourse. In the modern districts of Caesarea, serenity blends with splendid contemporary architecture, contrasting with the lively tourist activity of ancient Caesarea, where visitors flock to contemplate the wonders of the past, erected by the great King Herod, one of the most outstanding builders of the ancient world.


Spanning just 500 dunams (500,000 square meters), Caesarea is home to architectural remains spanning from the Hellenistic era (3rd century BC) to the Crusader era (12th century). In that period, Caesarea was the capital of Israel and a thriving port, bestowed as a gift to King Herod by Augustus Caesar himself. During the Byzantine period, the city became a significant Christian center, home to prominent figures such as Origen and Eusebius. 
According to Christian tradition, this was where the Roman centurion Cornelius became the first idol worshipper converted to Christianity.

Ceasaria acueducto

To explore Caesarea National Park is to immerse yourself in history, strolling among ancient structures and experiencing life millennia ago. From the majestic Roman Theatre, where musical performances are held, to the city walls and towers, castle ruins and various temples, every corner tells a story. Caesarea Beach, with its natural surroundings and the underwater ruins in the archaeological park next to the port, invite you to dive.

But Caesarea goes beyond its ruins. Trendy cafes, quaint restaurants and romantic corners dot the city. Nearby is the ancient aqueduct that supplied water to ancient Caesarea, 9 kilometers away. The city is brimming with activities, from golf courses and luxurious spas, to the Ralli Art Museum and a historic site that houses the remains of a magnificent palace with a mosaic floor featuring astonishing birds and gemstone inlays. 

Caesarea, in its unique fusion of past and present, offers an enriching and varied experience for all its visitors.

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