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 General information

Average annual temperatures

Jerusalem is a city with a fairly temperate climate, where seasonal variations are not very pronounced. However, during the summer months, temperatures can reach quite high levels.

Therefore, it is recommended to dress lightly, and make sure you stay well hydrated to cope with the heat.

Energy & Electricity

Israel operates on 230V and 50Hz electricity, using European-style electrical outlets.

Visitors from Latin America and the United States should use power converters to connect their electronic devices during their stay in Israel.

International Calls to/from Israel

To make calls to Israel from abroad, you need to dial the plus symbol (+), followed by the country code (972), the area number, and the local number. Instead, to make calls within Israel, simply dial 0, followed by the area number and then the local number.

For example, my number in Israel is 052-641-4619, to call from abroad, you will need to dial


Emergency Numbers

Police: 100

Magen David Adom: 101

Firefighters: 102

Tourist Police: 03-516-5382

Tipping in Israel

Waiters: 10-15%
Hotel Workers: Nothing
Bartenders: 10-15%
Taxi drivers: Nothing

Most shops and restaurants in Israel accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, although some accept American Express on a limited basis.

(+972) 52-641-4619

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