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Hello! I'm Alan Harari

I was born in Mexico City in 1965 to a Jewish family that escaped Aleppo, Syria, when Israel was founded and settled in Mexico City. In July 2010, I decided to move to Israel, abandoning my career in construction. I've always felt a special connection to this country.

When my son turned thirteen, we took him to the Holy Land for his Bar Mizvah celebration. Upon landing, I knew Israel was my home. In 2010, my family and I dropped everything to move.

By making "aliyah," I switched from construction to becoming a tour guide. I always incorporate my past experience into my work, believing in the importance of planning. Israel, despite its size, offers a wealth of experiences, from history and religion to nature and cultur and gastronomy.

As a licensed guide, I look forward to sharing my various passions as we explore this fascinating country together.


Thank you so much for everything Alan!

Very good tours and very good service.

We hope to come back soon and that you will take us to places again

very special like the ones on this trip. Thank you!

Sandra Betech - Panamá 

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