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​Masada is one of the most captivating and visited places in Israel, telling a story of tenacity, faith, war, ambition and, sadly, a tragic denouement. Although only ruins remain today, the memory of heroism lives on in every corner of this historic site.

​Located on top of a steep-walled mountain, Masada offers a breathtaking view of the desert to the west and the Dead Sea to the east. The riveting narrative of this place reveals the bravery of its defenders in the face of the Roman conquerors, a story as thrilling as any Hollywood movie, full of tension, struggle and love.


The fortress of Masada, erected in 30 BC by King Herod, showcases the architectural feats that left a lasting mark on the entire country. During the Great Revolt against Rome in 68 BC, a group of fanatical Jews conquered Masada, making it their last stronghold.


In 72 AD, the Romans laid siege to Masada and built a huge earthen ramp on its western side to reach the steep fortress. In 73 AD, the 960 Jews who inhabited the summit of Masada chose suicide rather than fall into Roman hands, leaving a legacy of courage, heroism, and martyrdom.


The remains of Masada, meticulously preserved and reconstructed in homage to its heroic inhabitants, include the impressive structure of King Herod's Palace, built on three rock terraces with spectacular views. Near the palace, a lavish Roman bathhouse showcases a mosaic floor and murals on its walls. 


Other buildings, such as the lavish Western Palace, the mikvah (Jewish ritual bath), warehouses, watchtowers, and the synagogue, reveal the history of Masada through ancient artifacts such as decorated pottery, scrolls, and coins.

The reliefs and murals discovered on the walls of Masada were restored by Italian experts, constituting the best-preserved Roman camp to this day. The summit of Masada, reachable via the challenging "Snake Trail" or comfortably via cable car, offers a unique experience.

The tourist center of Masada complements the visit with a film that narrates its history, a model of the site and an exhibition of archaeological finds.

This exhilarating experience, backed by the Traveler's Magazine's ranking as the best tourist site in the world in 2000, and the UNESCO designation as a World Heritage Site in 2001, make Masada a must-see destination.

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