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Mitzpe Ramón

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On the rim of the towering Ramon Crater, rising about 300 meters above sea level, lies the peaceful Mitzpe Ramon. This charming city, harmoniously integrated into the landscape of the world's largest erosion crater, has experienced a recent tourism boom that has transformed it into a thriving destination. 

Founded in 1951, Mitzpe Ramon has evolved along with the flourishing of desert tourism, offering luxurious hotels and a wide range of tourist services.

Today, Mitzpe Ramon stands as an essential stop for desert travelers. The southern part of the city is home to a varied selection of accommodations, highlighting the exclusive Beresheet Hotel, one of the most luxurious in the country, which offers breathtaking views of the crater. In addition to hotels, the city has hostels, campgrounds, and a Bedouin inn. 

It is the starting point for exciting jeep tours, bike rides, and camel treks. For those adventurous in search of adrenaline, the exhilarating experience of rappelling down the towering cliffs is offered. In the evenings, visitors can enjoy the only Star Tour in the world, which reveals all the majesty of the firmament.

On the rim of the crater, the Ilan Ramon Visitor Center pays tribute to the only Israeli astronaut to have traveled into space, offering an emotional memorial and providing a detailed explanation about the formation of the Machteshim (craters), all accompanied by a magnificent view of the crater and its treasures. The Hai Bar Zoological Garden is home to a menagerie of native desert animals, from snakes and lizards to mammals. 


In the eastern part of Mitzpe Ramon, there is an extensive sculpture park, while to the west is a world-famous alpaca farm and archery center in the middle of the vast desert.

The crater itself is a geological treasure, filled with fascinating natural phenomena, ancient historical sites, and trails ranging from easy to challenging. Mitzpe Ramon stands as the gateway to the astonishing natural beauty of the desert, offering visitors an unforgettable experience among the wonders of Ramon Crater.

Mitzpe Ramón
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