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Exploring Safed is like immersing yourself in a work of art, with vines hugging the walls of stone houses, decorated iron gates, and terraces offering breathtaking panoramic views. The cobbled alleyways, winding and full of charm, transport visitors to a fascinating past, making Safed a unique city for tourists, artists and those looking to immerse themselves in the rich history and tradition.

​Located on top of a mountain, Safed enjoys fresh, clean air all year round. In winter, the city offers a spectacular view of the Galilee, with its green mountains at one end and the snow-capped peak of Mount Hermon at the other


As one of Israel's four holy cities, Safed has been a spiritual center since the 1600s, when it became an epicenter of Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. Artists' studios and workshops fill the stone alleyways, where visitors can feel the warm embrace of the city as they explore.

The ancient alleys of the Jewish quarter are home to beautiful synagogues and hidden niches, which tell stories through high ceilings and colorful ornaments.

The Artists' Quarter, located in what was once the Arab Quarter, offers the opportunity to admire the work of artists who live and create in magnificent homes.


In addition to its rich history, Safed is home to fascinating museums that explore the city's past, luxury hotels that retain their ancient charm, and an imposing fortress from the Crusader era. The city is also the scene of numerous festivals, each full of color and a unique atmosphere.

In short, Safed is more than a city, it is a heavenly experience that fuses the spiritual, the artistic, and the historical, into a fascinating canvas that captivates all who visit.

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